A memory of a Sound

I am at a beach, and the most beautiful melody fills my ears – waves gently lapping against the sand. There is no pattern, no rise and fall, no crescendo, but a unique rhythm – uncontrolled and unpredictable. With it, there is a suspension of time and place. It goes on as it has for millennia, unwavering in its singing.

Cities rise and burn to the ground.

Civilizations conquer and are conquered.

People come and go, live and die.

And the music continues.

It’s like a siren calling for each to visit and revisit. It sings and its song invites you to join with your sorrows and triumphs, and your dreams alive or crushed.

It leaves you with a longing, always luring you back, even onto a different shore. The melody is the same – a constant, a soothing lullaby that captures your heart and soul.